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Added value

1. Perform the synchronization.

The PSE Cloud enables synchronization across different end devices. Thus, the same data is included on each device.

2. Support collaboration.

The PSE Cloud creates interdisciplinary collaboration based on the same information / data.

3. Increase interoperability.

With the PSE Cloud, different systems, technologies and organizations are united into a functional overall system.

4. Scale IT services as needed.

Depending on the user's needs, you can scale performance and response time up and down in a short period of time.

5. Increase your agility.

With PSE Cloud Services, you can respond flexibly to unforeseen events and new requirements. Through the cloud, you minimize security, utilization, expertise and technology risks.

6. Minimize IT administration effort.

The PSE Cloud relieves you of the burden of operating and maintaining IT resources. All upgrades to the cloud are handled by us as the provider. In addition, we can activate new users for you at any time.

7. Enable collaboration independent of time and location.

The PSE Cloud enables new ways of working such as e-collaboration between employees and partners. They can communicate seamlessly through geographically distributed IT resources.

8. Increase your data security.

Your data resides in professionally protected data centers on the cloud and is virtually taken care of 24/7.

9. Improve your performance.

With PSE Cloud, you can be sure that your data is available and retrievable at all times. You ensure professional operation and maintenance of IT resources around the clock. New components and functionalities of the applications are immediately available.

10. Put focus on your core business.

Replacing with PSE Cloud allows you to focus on competitive and growth opportunities while generating high quality through the new IT infrastructure.

11. Discover your competitive advantages.

A standardized, updated and consolidated IT infrastructure facilitates and accelerates the launch of new products and services.

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