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PSE Cloud

This is how the PSE Cloud works.

Thanks to the PSE Cloud, different systems and platforms such as PRIMADOCA or DokPro are compatible with each other. A secure connection between the individual systems is therefore ensured. In short, the PSE Cloud reflects the concept of interoperability, which is well known in professional jargon. By definition, this refers to the property that systems can communicate with each other and work together specifically. This means that data can be exchanged easily between two or more devices with different software and manufacturers. The different levels manage in detail how, in which context and which data is exchanged between the systems. The key to interoperability is that data is mapped into the same context of understanding. When systems communicate with each other, it does not mean that they understand each other.

These are the advantages of the PSE Cloud.

  • - The PSE Cloud enables secure and centralized data exchange for the overarching
  •    Collaboration between and within organizations.
  • - The cloud increases resilience.
  • - The data and information are guaranteed to be available at all times.
  • - The cloud replaces the physical server room.
  • - The cloud architecture increases data security.
  • - The speed of data retrieval is increased.
  • - Several users can work on the same document from different platforms (PRIMADOCA, DokPro) without losing time.

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