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The PSE Cloud is the secure connection between the individual systems or platforms such as PRIMADOCADokPro, Time Control, etc. All data is stored in the Cloud so that information and documents can be retrieved just in time, via PRIMADOCA or DokPro The PSE Cloud enables a secure and central data exchange for cross-platform collaboration. The path of the data from one platform to the other is ensured. The Cloud also increases data security and fail-safety, the data and information are guaranteed to be available at any time. There is therefore no need for a physical server room  .

With the PSE Cloud, the speed of data retrieval is increased. If a PRIMADOCA user wants to retrieve the same document at the same time as a DokPro user, the power is scaled accordingly, so both users can open the document within five seconds. Depending on the need, you can procure more or less computing power from the data center, so depending on the power consumption, you have to invest more or less money . This is an enormous advantage for a company, because in this way superfluous costs are reduced. Furthermore, with a PSE Cloud the individual systems (PRIMADOCADokPro etc.) are not overloaded and all data is backed up automatically. 

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